Pinched Edge Vase - Sinuous Blue Glaze

This vase is made from two slabs, each impressed with a mesmerizing concentric circle pattern and pinched together at the edges to create a closed shape.  When a new glaze arrived in the shop we were hoping the results on this vase would be interesting.  Luckily, this glaze didn't disappoint.  Melting around the pattern in lithe currents as water winding around riverstones, this vase has been nicknamed "The Palm Springs Vase." 
No matter your geographic location, this vase will add an uncommon flair to your decor perfect for dried or fresh flora.  Approximately 10.5" tall, 5.25" wide, with an opening of 2.25" x 3.75".  Dishwasher and food safe if you're needing a break from regular dinnerware.

Collections: Vases

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